Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - course of study/choice of subjects

  • F.Y.B Com.

    There are 7 papers to be studied in F.Y.B.Com.

    1. Function English l
    2. Financial Accounting
    3. Business Economics- (Micro)
    4. Mathematics & statistics
    Optional Group:-
    5. A-I Banking & Finance
    6. B-I Marketing and Salesmanship OR
    Business Environment & Enterpreneurship
    7. Marathi l

    The students should note that the optional at F.Y.B.Com. level once offered can not be changed letter as the same subject continues at S.Y.B.Com. level.

    S. Y. B. Com.

    Following 6 subjects are to be studied at S.Y.B.Com Compulsory Subject:-

    1. Business Communication
    2. Corporate Accounting
    3. Bu8siness Economics-II (Macro)
    4. Business Management
    5. Corporate Law
    Optional Group:- (Any one of the following)
    6. Special Subject-paper-I
    a. Banking & Finance
    b. Marketing Management

    T.Y.B Com. (New Syllabus-circular waited)

    *There will be oral Examination of 20 Marks for the subject Functional English at F.Y.B.Com.