Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - course of study/choice of subjects

  • F.Y.B. Sc.

    The student has to offer four subjects as group A or group B. there shall be two theory papers and one practical for each subject.

    Group-A Group-B
    1. Mathematics 1. Chemistry
    2. Physic 2. Botany
    3. Chemistry 3. Zoology
    4. Botany 4. Geography/physics
    *Group once offered will not be changed

    S.Y.B. Sc.

    Any three subjects offered at the F.Y.B. Sc. Level, are to offer at S.Y.B. Sc. Along with one language Marathi or English.

    For the convenience in the time –table, student can offer any one of the following Groups:-

    Subject Groups:-
    1) Mathematics , Physics ,Chemistry
    2) Chemistry ,Botany ,Zoology
    3) Chemistry ,Botany , Geography
    4) Botany ,Zoology , Geography

    Once subjects are offered no change will made later. For each subject there will be two theory courses and one practical.

    From June 2009 there will be a practical paper for Mathematics too .


    T.Y.B. Sc. Chemistry
    T.Y.B. Sc. Botany

    * For each subject there will be six theory & three practical Courses.