Scheme of examination for U.G.

The scheme of examination will be according to the University rules that are issued from time to time. The students are suggested to visit regularly the website: unipune.ac.in for knowing syllabus, question pattern, scheme of marking or any change in them. Currently the scheme of examination is as follow:

Term end examination (20 Marks)

The term end examination will be generally conducted by the college during the month of October / November. These examinations will be of 60 Marks and 2 hours duration. Marks secured out of 60 will be converted into 20. The result of the terminal examinations shall be displayed on the notice board. Attendance at the term end examinations is compulsory.

Semester System (Only S.Y.B.Sc. and T.Y.B.Sc.):-

There will be two examinations viz. – First Semester and Second Semester. Each Semester exam carries 50 marks per subject. Out of the 50 marks, 40 marks are based on external assessment and 10 marks on internal assessment by the college.

Annual Examination ( 80 Marks) :-

The annual examination is conducted by the University at the end of academic year usually in the month of March. This examination will be of 80 Marks for each paper and 3 hours duration.

(For S.Y.B.A. / B.Com. / T.Y.B.A. / B.Com.)

  • The annual examination of Business Communication (an autonomous subject) at S.Y.B.Com is conducted by the college.
  • For F.Y.B.Sc., there are 20 Marks for internal assessment.
  • In the practical subject a student shall be required to maintain a journal for practical work. The Practical Examination will be conducted prior to the annual theory examination.
  • For F.Y. / S.Y. / T.Y.B.B.A. and B.B.A. (Computer Application): – There will be semester pattern from the year 2010-2011.The College will conduct the annual examination for F.Y.B.A./ B.Com. / B.Sc. and semester examination for F.Y.B.B.A. and F.Y. B.B.A. (Computer Application).
  • Any other change made by the SPPU, Pune shall be communicated and will be obligatory to all students.

Scheme of examination for P.G.

  • The scheme of examination for P.G. shall be as per Choice Based Credit System. The details can be viewed from the website of S.P.P University, Pune.