Department / Arts / Geography

About the Department
The department was started in 1968-69 General level and in 1978-79 started to special level. Dr. P.H. Mhaske is Head of Department. The faculty members teach different topics with the help of LCD Projector, Laptops, Internet and videos as per requirement. The department has a well equipped practical laboratory. B.Sc. students also offer Geography as optional subject.
Highlights of the Departments

  1. The department regularly organizes excursion to understand realistic Geographical features
  2. The department regularly supports the students in research activities, like AVISHKAR Regional Competition, Students Projects etc.
  3. The department collects the socio-economic and cultural information from surrounding villages through student’s survey.
  4. The department arranges class room seminars and lecture series of different topics for students.




Dr. Mhaske P.H.
H.O.D. & Associate Professor
M.A., B.Ed ,PhD
Contact No : +9922286195

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Dr.Dhanwante K.G.
Associate Professor
M.Sc, B.Ed. , Ph.D
Contact:- 9850863509

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Prof.Agale N.K.
Assistant Professor
M.A. ,B.Ed, Ph.D(app).
Contact:- 9850779315

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