Students get following scholarships –

 Government scholarships

E.B.C. scholarship, S.T., S.C., Open merit, National merit scholarship, National Loan scholarship, Physically handicapped students scholarship, P.T.W/ S.T.W. Scholarship, National Talent Search scholarship, Economically backward students of minority.

Government Freeships

E.B.C. freeship, S.C./B.C. student freeship, S.T. student freeship, P.T.W freeship, S.T.W. Freeship,

Son/daughter of Armed Force Personnel and Freedom Fighters, Hindi language scholarship for non-hindi belt students, Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule scholarship for girls, Merit scholarship for E.B.C. students.

Students, who are in financial difficulty may avail of the financial help from the college by working under the college Earn and Learn Scheme.