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About the Department

The Department of Zoology started in 1992. The department runs courses on general level at F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y.B.Sc. the department organizes various activities. Dr. Yashawant Aher is Head of Department.


  • To offer a modular course of lectures and associated seminars, projects and practical classes, supported by supervisions.
  • To promote training in practical and conceptual skills in sub-disciplines ranging from molecular cell biology, through physiology and neurobiology, to the study of populations in both ecological and evolutionary framework.
  • To provide constructive feedback on their progress, individual students will be assessed throughout the year in their project work, participation in seminars and written work for supervisions.

 Features of Department

  1. Spacious well equipped practical lab
  2. Research activities for students
  3. Vermicompost project
  4. Education Tours arrange for students.

   Course Offered

Sr. No Class     Course taught
1 F.Y.B.Sc.  Animal systematics and Diversity-I, Genetics and Cell Biology
2 S.Y.B.Sc. Animal systematics and Diversity-II, Applied Zoology II





Dr. Yashawant Daulat Aher
Assistant Professor.
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Contact No. 9423749247

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Dr. Shashikant Dharmaji Tapase
Assistant Professor.
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Contact No. 9881393824

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